Coyotes in our neighborhood


In an effort to recreate a more diverse wild life biosphere in New York State coyotes have been proliferated here to accomplish the predator role that wolves used to do over one hundred years ago.  Consequently coyotes are in conflict with people in many neighborhoods and this problem hasto be addressed by a populace that had, up to now, no exposure to these critters.

This time of  year, January thru March, is very problematic because this is their breeding and pup rearing time.  Coyotes have adapted well in our populated suburban areas in the northeast an we should be more aware how to reduce close encounters with them.  The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation put together some guidelines to follow to reduce risks  involving coyotes:

Do not feed coyotes.

Do not leave food or compost outside.

DO not feed pets outside.

Fence or enclose compost  piles.

Eliminate availability of bird seed.

Do not allow coyotes to approach people or  pets.  If approached by coyotes stand tall and wave your arms to look bigger and make loud noises.  Generally they are afraid of humans.

Teach children to stay away from coyotes and other  wild animals.

Do not let small dogs and cats run free even during the day.

Fence yards to deter coyotes burying the woven wire fences bottom 6 inches in the ground.

Remove brush and debris from around homes to reduce protective cover.

If coyotes remain a problem for a period of time contact the police or nearest DEC office.

And lastly ask neighbors to follow these steps to prevent coyote conflict.

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