So Mark Hoffman was off to the Pacific Ocean and I had Saturday afternoon and Sunday to prepare for getting a job on Monday.  I camped near town at a place with a stream.  Some how; newspaper, yellow pages, free brochure I was able to get a list together of possible places that would hire land surveyors that I copied into my  journal.  I went to a truck stop to shower at a truck stop that afternoon and met Jack Beaver.  He was there to fix a flat he had in his bicycle and struck up conversation.  Questions came up concerning where I was applying for work and he was able to give me some guidance. He also discovering I did not have a place to stay in Missoula.  He offered for me to stay at his place which I accepted providing I was able to find work the next day.  For that night I planned to stay north of town in the Flathead Indian Reservation.

Traveling on dirt roads looking for a secure place to camp I find a spot that is 1500 feet from a small farm and better than a mile from anyone else.  I ask permission to camp there and with the affirmative I get a warning that a bear had been raiding their chicken coop and they had plans to stop him.  They were happy to know where I was so they would not shoot in my direction.  About 3am I wake up to these guys chasing and shooting at the bear!  On the way out of the reservation the next morning I stopped at the farm and they showed me where the bear, who did get away, was able in one swoop of his paw break thru the door with 1 inch  board on the inside and outside; and with another swoop grab a chicken and swallowed the chicken whole as he ran away.  

These farmers who waited sleepless for many nights previous that summer were certain to have many more chasing this bear.   One can only hope that they find a solution before they run out of chickens!


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