Archery is a fun, recreational sport for all ages and abilities that has many health benefits. It can help build strength and confidence in a calm and focused way while being safe. There are many different types of archery including indoor, field, 3D, as well as bowhunting and bowfishing. For archery, you will need a bow, arrows, a quiver or place to put your arrows, a target, and a backstop. With a bow and arrow, it is important to make sure that the arrows spine strength matches the weight of the bow.
For those who do not have a bow and arrow, there are resources that you can utilize to help practice archery skills.
In archery, safety comes first. There are a few guidelines to always follow:

•    Inspect your equipment prior to use.
•    Only point a bow and arrow in a safe direction toward your target.
•    Be sure to know what’s in front, immediately behind, and beyond the target.
•    Only shoot a bow when you have a safe shooting area and a safe backstop.

Before you start, it is important to check with your local town or city ordinances to make sure shooting a bow is legal. Also, it is illegal to discharge a bow within 150 feet of a school, playground, or house. If you are not sure if your backyard is a good location, there are other places you can consider, including a local archery shop or a club with a range, as well as some state lands and town parks.
For youth that are looking for more, or may be unable to shoot in their backyards, check to see if your school has an Archery in the School’s program. Many areas have tournaments for many ages.
Watch our YouTube playlist for how-tos and inspiration.  Also may be able to get information at an archery shop in your neighborhood.
Archery can be fun for everyone!!

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