10 Tips For Spring Fishing


Winter is winding down, and spring will be here before you know it. Anglers are gearing up for the spring fishing season, so it’s a perfect time to brush up on some tips and tricks. Before you head out, there are a few things you should know.

They are hungry!
One advantage of spring fishing is that the fish are very hungry this time of year. After the long winter, they are ready to feed and bulk up. Fish are hungriest before and after spawning.

Keep an eye on the weather
Watch the weather forecast for unseasonably warm days. Fish are moving around, looking for that sunny spot. After a cold front moves through, you may want to wait a few days before going out. Afternoons are the best time to go out when the water is warmest.

Best places to fish
If you’re wondering where to fish, they like to gather in shallow areas with lots of vegetation where they can hide. Rocks and boulders heat up during the day and provide a beautiful, warm spot to hang out. Cattails, old tree stumps and lily pads are also popular areas where fish like to gather.

Fish are slower in cold water
In colder water, fish are a little slower to hit compared to summer when they’re at full throttle. Smaller bait works better in cold water because it’s easier for them to bite.

Use live bait
Live bait works better for spring fishing. They’re hungrier and prefer it over artificial lures. Some of their favorites are night crawlers, minnows and grasshoppers.

Warmer water attracts fish
Once you’re on the water, where to fish is the big question. Fish like to congregate in warmer waters, so steer in that direction. They’re more active and ready to hit as the water warms up.

Be patient
That first bite might take a little longer when the water is cold. Give it a second or two before setting the hook. Pull the pole up slow and steady so you don’t lose it on the way up.

Change things up if you’re not having success
Change your bait or location if you’re not catching anything. Following all these fishing tips is not a guarantee, so use your fishing instincts to discover something else that works.

Bass is one of the easiest fish species to catch in the spring. They’re more likely to feed at different depths and hit on a variety of bait. They prefer water around 55 to 60 degrees.

Crappie is also plentiful and easy to snag in spring. That’s because males are more aggressive at protecting their nests and will strike at just about anything that gets near them.

Fishing fever is in full swing as soon as the weather warms up. It’s a great time to test your skills, try new lures and different fishing equipment. Use these 10 tips for spring fishing, and you’ll be catching that big one before you know it!

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