Ten Camping Hacks That Will Improve Your Next Adventure


Getting back in touch with nature sounds good in theory, but when it comes down to it, camping starts to feel more like a chore than anything else. The food has to be stored properly, camping is dirty, and do you really want to spend the night sleeping on the ground? Here are a few camping hacks for these and other problems when it comes to confronting the great outdoors.

1. Doritos Tacos
Plan ahead, make your meat, steak, ground beef, chicken, or tofu. Store it all in some tupperware once cooled and put it in your cooler. Bring along whatever toppings you want as well as your favorite flavor of Doritos. Once you have some warm coals, toss whatever you want to be melted and warm into some tin foil and place it on the coals. Dinner is served.

2. Sleeping On The Ground
A complaint most often heard is about sleeping on the ground. Simply bring along some foam padding or an air mattress to help soften your bedding. 

3. Planning Ahead
Planning ahead can be a small step in the right direction. Depending on where you camp you may need to get a reservation or a permit. At least make sure you get to your chosen campsite with plenty of daylight left so you can set up camp.

4. Toilet Paper In A Can
Camping can get dirty and uncomfortable. Placing your toilet paper in an empty coffee can (one with a handle is an added bonus) will protect your toilet paper from getting gritty, wet, or picking up seeds and grasses when you set it down.

5. Lantern
Need a light but don’t want to ruin the mood or blind yourself with a camping lantern? Strap a headlight to a clear container of water, facing towards the container.

6. Reservations
If you are planning on a certain number of people to come with you it’s a good idea to check with the campground to see how many tents and people are allowed at each space. Depending on the size of your crowd you may need to reserve more than one spot.

7.Garbage Bag
A great camping hack is lining your backpack with a garbage bag. This will protect your clothes and other items from moisture.

8.Plan Easy Meals
The best foods eaten while camping are simple ones that can be cooked over an open fire. Hot dogs, s’mores, instant oatmeal that only requires hot water. It might not be what you saw on instagram, but keeping it simple is usually the best approach.

9. Protect Your Matches
Keep the matches in a mason jar or some other kind of enclosed container that will keep them safe and dry.

Create a camping checklist. Keep it for all your following camping trips. Add to it as you need to. 

While some of these are common sense tips for camping, they can definitely make your experience much more enjoyable. Enjoy these camping hacks!

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