Illuminate Your Stay – Best Lighting Choices When Camping


When planning your camping trip, one of the most important things you’ll need to bring is a lighting tool. Yes, the stars and moon can brighten up the night sky, however, you need proper ground light such as flashlights, lantern, solar power lights and more. Today we’ll discuss seven different camping lights that are necessary for you to pack for your next camping trip.

The flashlight is the most common lighting tool that is necessary for camping. It’s easy to carry and use. Also, flashlights are not just operated by batteries, but you can get a flashlight that uses solar power or hand cranking power. The flashlight can be a great room illuminator.

LED Strip Lights
LED strip lights are not just meant for making your home look stylish, but you can use them for camping lights. They’re perfect for illuminating the inside of your tent or camper. Also, its cover is made with a waterproof material, so they’re good to use for the outdoors.

Candle Lantern
The one good thing about this type of transparent lighting case is that it’s affordable and lightweight to carry. You don’t need batteries, it just takes a replaceable candle and matches. You can have it inside your tent to bring you warmth and comfort during those cold camping nights. It’s also safe to use.

Solar-powered Lantern
You will find that the solar-powered transparent lighting case is a little bit more expensive compared to similar lighting tools, however, they’re worth the price. It will last for hours because it’s powered by the sun, so there is no need for replaceable batteries. Simply allow it to charge by the sun during the day when it’s not in use and it will be ready for use at night. You can use it to read a book or find items in your camper. Most solar-powered transparent lighting cases can be charged by a micro USB cord for immediate use as well.

Hand Crank Solar Lights
Bringing a hand crank solar lighting tool is good when you’re going on an extended camping trip without batteries. It has a battery that can be charged by a micro USB cord, the sun, and hand cranking. A hand-crank light comes in handy if you did not charge it by sunlight or by a micro USB cord before nightfall. You can find hand cranks lighting tools on the market at reasonable prices.

Glow Sticks
Glow sticks are pretty cool and are useful lighting to bring in your backpack for camping. You can use glow sticks for safety reasons during the night such as marking off poisonous bushes or trees, setting up a border around your campsite, and marking short trails.

Bringing a headlamp on your camping trip is a smart idea. For instance, if you get lost in the woods or have to go on a trail back to your campsite at night with items in your hand, then having a headlamp well illuminate your pathway easily. Headlamps are cheap to purchase like all the other lighting tools that were mentioned previously.

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